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I Have My Reasons Podcast

I Have My Reasons is a podcast based out of Onanole MB highlighting human stories of resiliency, resourcefulness and innovation from collaborators in Kamloops BC and Onanole. As a counsellor, I have the privilege of hearing and being inspired by human stories of passion, hardship and reclamation. I often think :

"If everyone had the opportunity to sit across from an individual and experience this type of connection and vulnerability, maybe we would be more accepting of our differences. More so, maybe we would even see the ways in which we are similar!"

In I Have My Reasons, I have conversations with individuals from a variety of professions, cultural backgrounds, demographics, and who have a diversity of values and beliefs. During these conversations, I engage individuals to talk about how they have regained footing after personal challenge, what they are passionate about, and what they think we are challenged with as a community, locally,  regionally or globally.

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