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Anxiety Doesn’t Need to Run Your Life 

Constant worry,  worst-case scenario thinking, unable to communicate feelings and needs, digestive issues, troubles sleeping and panic attacks are just some of the signs that you are living with anxiety.

When left unmanaged anxiety can start to limit the way you live your life. It can prevent you from trying new things, meeting new people and leave you in an underlying physical state of fear. When providing mental health counselling support to individuals with anxiety I take a holistic- mind/body approach. 
For almost 10 years, I have been serving Canadians with a wide range of services from counselling to yoga classes and workshop facilitation. As a Certified Clinical Counsellor (CCC) with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, I hold a master’s degree in Education Counselling and have formal training in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) for adults and teens and Satir Transformational Systemic Family therapy. My work within the community includes serving as a clinical counsellor, yoga instructor workshop facilitator, community development advocate, and musician. Working as a counsellor, my role is to support my clients on their journeys with a range of tools to support emotional healing.
During our sessions, I’ll provide tools for self-inquiry and awareness building, stimulating my client’s nervous system’s healing capacity with EMDR and is to support you on your journey to self-healing by providing tools for self-inquiry and actively listening paired with thoughtful questioning to help my clients on their healing paths. Anxiety disorders reportedly affect more than 3 million Canadians aged 18 years or older and include generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, separation anxiety and social anxiety disorder.

Anxiety Counselling Services


While symptoms of each disorder range, if you are constantly worrying about the worst-case scenario, are unable to communicate feelings and needs, have digestive issues, have trouble sleeping and suffer from panic attacks, these are just some signs that you are living with anxiety. Symptoms usually persist for 6 months or longer and, left untreated or unmanaged, anxiety and all its forms can take a toll on how you live your life.  Living with an anxiety disorder is exhausting, impacting day-to-day activities and personal relationships. 

Although there is no one specific thing that causes anxiety disorders, genetics, biological and environmental factors are the condition’s leading causes. With all that taken into consideration, you do not have to go through it alone. When I provide my support to people with anxiety, I take a holistic mind/body approach.Our counselling sessions focus on understanding how anxiety is presenting itself in your life and your body, using practical tools to reduce anxiety symptoms, developing new ways of thinking and behaving, understanding the wisdom in the anxiety and creating a sense of self-trust and knowing.Do not let anxiety take control of your life. I will help you support you on your path to personal healing and help you live a fulfilling life despite any temporary setbacks, struggles or personal experiences.Although there are several Onanole and online counselling services, finding the right fit requires building trust.    

In our counselling sessions we will work on:

  • Understanding how anxiety is showing up in your life and your body
  • Utilizing practical tools to reduce your symptoms of anxiety 
  • Developing a new way of thinking and behaving  
  • Understanding the wisdom in the anxiety
  • Creating a sense of self-trust and knowing 

To see if I am the right fit for you in your journey to healing, I offer a free 15-minute consultation where you can find out more about my services and where you can discuss your needs and what you’re looking for in a counsellor.   Contact me today at 250-319-5207 to learn more about my services and how I can help you.

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