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Motor vehicle accident mental health recovery with Deandra Dey through the ICBC

A motor vehicle accident is very traumatising and can result in post-traumatic stress (PTS) symptoms such as nightmares and flashbacks, anxiety, fear of driving or getting in a car, fatigue, overwhelm, and a host of other challenges that require emotional rehabilitation. If you are looking for an online mental health counsellor that you can partner with as part of your ICBC insurance claim, Deandra Dey can help. Although Deandra doesn't live in BC anymore, she is remotely connected to the team at Change Your Pain Kamloops.

I have been guiding and supporting people through their recovery through the ICBC program for many years. I have helped a host of professional and casual drivers and passengers recover from the emotional distress that an accident can cause. It is common for people to feel like they shouldn’t be impacted by an accident, but these accidents are often life-threatening and can have a significant impact on our mental - and physical - health. I can help you whether you are recovering from injuries or want to work on your emotional health.

Motor vehicle accident rehabilitation and ICBC insurance claims

I charge an ICBC user fee of $20. Learn more about getting medical care after a crash.

Please note, if you are seeking service on an ICBC claim and don’t currently have a team of practitioners supporting you in recovery, I would highly recommend Change Your Pain Kamloops.

I can provide you with supportive counselling as part of a holistic program designed for motor vehicle accident recovery with direct ICBC billing available. Contact me for more information or to book your appointment today.

Also, you can click here to find more general information here about regular counselling sessions.