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Onanole Mental Health Counselling Services 

Deandra Dey Tousignant offers mental health counselling services online or by phone from her office in Onanole Manitoba. Every counsellor has a different approach to supporting individuals. See below on what expect in your first session of counselling with Deandra and the cost of services:

  • What to Expect From Counselling:
    A collaborative experience lead by you

    Thoughtful questioning to help you develop a deeper understanding of your experience
    Feeling uncomfortable at times as we explore your behaviours, emotions, reactions and perceptions 
    Being challenged to develop new ways of supporting yourself
    Encouragement and connection

What to Expect in Your First Session:

In the first session, you can expect to sign treatment consent forms, get versed on limitations of confidentiality and to start establishing treatment goals. Overall, counselling sessions are a collaborative experience. The goals of treatment and the treatment plan will be discussed and decided upon within the first couple of therapy sessions.


Deandra does not do direct billing with health insurance providers. It is suggested that if you have funding through your health insurance provider to check into your coverage prior to attending sessions. Deandra is registered with the Canadian Psychotherapy and Counselling Association as Deandra Tousignant and her CCC registration number is 10001110.

Session Cost:

60 min = $130
90 min= $190

ICBC User fee= $20

Important to note that 10 minutes of the counselling session is dedicated to booking your next appointment, file management and administration. Therefore clients get 50 minutes/80 minutes of face to face time for each counselling session.

To see if Deandra is the right counsellor for you, book a 15-minute phone consultation, free of charge.