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Are you self-critical about your weight and appearance? Do you have a long-term history of dieting that provides you with little satisfaction, regardless of your weight?

Body Image Counselling Services

If you have tried to shift your perspective about your body but seem to be caught in a negative loop of managing food through restricting or binging, being hard on yourself about your appearance and/or eating habits, and struggle to maintain a positive relationship with yourself, I can help.

Body Image Counselling Services

Body Image: it’s not about the weight

As an Onanole Clinical Counselor specialising in women’s health, I work with a range of women aged 10 to the elderly who have body issue challenges. These women are as diverse in their appearance as they are in their age, which is proof that body image has nothing to do with weight. Body image problems arise when we are struggling with our relationships with ourselves. 

Trauma, criticism, media and hating our bodies

Body image problems may find its root in trauma such as physical or sexual abuse, but it can also be the result of criticism, health challenges, or the persistent conditioning that women receive. Talking negatively about our bodies and normalised diet conversation topics makes it difficult to know when your relationship with your body has become a problem. Considering that our bodies and looks are how women are affirmed as humans and that our bodies are the source of our self-worth, are we even surprised that maintaining a healthy relationship with our bodies isn’t always as easy as it sounds?

Taking care of our bodies because it feels good, not because we feel physically insecure 

As women, it’s easy to blame our bodies when we are feeling off-centre in our lives. It’s when we’re not taking care of ourselves in the way we need to that we start to feel bad. Our bodies are a physical, tangible thing while our histories and complex emotional landscapes are beneath the surface and naked to the untrained human eye. 

Body issue problems are always symptoms of something deeper going on. Together, we can discover the root of your complicated relationship with your body, explore what is happening and why it shows up in a way that prevents you from having a positive, sustainable relationship with yourself. By working with me, you can discover what it feels like to build and maintain a good relationship with yourself and your body. An improvement in your body image will give you a fresh perspective on self-care and improve your mental health and can also improve sexuality and sexual pleasure. 


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